Definitions for "TER"
The Ter is a river in Catalonia (northeastern Spain) that begins in the mountains of the Pyrenees, at Ull de Ter (1480 m of altitude), passes through the city of Girona, and ends in the Mediterranean Sea at l'Estartit in its mouth, named La Gola. It measures 208 km and drains an area of 3,001 km², being the largest internal river of Catalonia. When Ter passes the Salt town, receives the La Maçana river waters, and continues its journey to Girona, where the Güell river and Onyar river waters are received too.
Total elbow replacement
Total expenses deducted from fund units, equivalent to fixed administration charges, management commission and transaction costs, brokerage fees, etc. The real performance of a fund can only be ascertained taking account of the TER.
Total Expense Ratio. A way of putting a figure on the total costs of investing in a fund. The TER represents the drag on fund performance caused by all annual operating costs (including administration, trustee and audit fees), not just the basic annual management fees.
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triple ejector rack
Train Express Regional (FR)
Tribunal Electoral Regional
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Trade Exchange of the Rockies
A programming term meaning to "tear" an alter world from its original positioning, or "tear" an unauthorized alter from its infiltration in another alter's world.
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Ter is a postscript used to note the third version of an ITU standard (ter is French for three). For example, V.32ter is the third version of the V.32 standard.
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See Tertiary Entrance Rank.
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toxicity exposure ratio
An indicator of how well a student has performed relative to other students who have qualified for a university aggregate.
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See Teratogen.