Definitions for "delivery point"
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A location or facility designated by a futures exchange for tendering and accepting...
A location designated by an exchange at which delivery may be made in fulfillment of contract terms.
The location approved by an exchange for tendering and accepting goods deliverable according to the terms of a futures contract.
For a pipeline, the delivery point is where sales or transportation of gas exists the system. For a gas producer, it is the point where the gas enters the pipeline.
Point at which gas leaves a transporter's system completing a sale or transportation service transaction between the pipeline company and a sale or trans-portation service customer.
The place(s) where Pacific Gas and Electric Company delivers natural gas to the shipper.
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In a postal system, a delivery point (sometimes DP) is a single mailbox or other place at which mail is delivered. It differs from a street address, in that each address may in fact have several delivery points, such as an apartment flat, office department, or other room. Such a building (mainly only residential) is often called a multiple-dwelling unit (MDU) by the USPS.
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See Barcode
a place within Australia from which interception related information can most conveniently be transmitted to an agency