Definitions for "Deliverability"
A well's tested ability to produce.
The volume of gas a well, field, pipeline, or distribution system can supply in a given period of time. Also, the practical output from a storage reservoir. Compare CAPACITY, INSTALLED; STORAGE, UNDERGROUND.
The amount of natural gas that a well, production field, pipeline or distribution system can deliver in a given period.
The term deliverability addresses a series of processes concerning the intricacies of e-mail delivery. Deliverability can refer to inbox delivery, e-mail filtering, bounced messages and readability of the message to name a few.
The portion of the mail that can be delivered as addressed.
The ability of a sender to deliver his message to his intended recipients. Deliverability can be impacted by a number of factors, including technical limitations of the sending/receiving systems, network congestion, email blocking by ISPs, and spam filters.