Definitions for "Stopover"
the act or privilege of stopping over; stopping at a station or airport beyond the time of the departure of the train or airplane on which one came, with the purpose of continuing one's journey on a subsequent train or airplane; the temporary interruption of one's journey.
in respect of a continuous journey means any place an individual embarks or disembarks a conveyance used in the provision of a passenger transportation service for any reason other than transferring to another mode of conveyance or to allow for servicing or refuelling of the conveyance.
A point at which an otherwise contiguous segment of travel would be interrupted for any purpose other than making a connection.
Permitting one to stop over; as, a stop-over check or ticket. See To stop over, under Stop, v. i.
This is when you stop in a third place en route before you reach your final destination.
a break of one night or more enroute to or from your main holiday destination
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a brief visit.
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a stay of a day or more in the U