Definitions for "Cameo"
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A carving in relief, esp. one on a small scale used as a jewel for personal adornment, or like.
A style of carving in which the design motif is left and the surrounding surface is cut away leaving the design in relief. Cameos in jewelry are often made of shell, although hard stone cameos such as sardonyx are more valuable. Cameos have been carved from ancient times, and ancient motifs such as the goddess Athena or a Baccante or follower of Bacchus were popular cameo subjects in Victorian times, through the 1930's. Cameos are still being made today in Italy. A cameo habille is one in which "jewelry" such as a miniature diamond pendant is actually attached to the carving.
A style of carving where the background is cut away leaving the design in relief. The cameos you usually see have a woman's face or profile in cream on a reddish/pink background. A similar effect can be achieved with layers of clay.
a portrait or a
A coin, usually a Proof, with a frosted central area surrounded by a mirror like field.
A coin, usually struck as a Proof, with a frosted or satiny central device surrounded by a mirrorlike field
describes a white or silver coat subtly tipped with red, cream or tortoiseshell.
a colour where the undercoat is whilte and the hairtips are red, blue-cream or tortoiseshell.
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Computer-Aided Management of Emergency Operations, an environmental software package that provides an air dispersion model of area locations of hazardous atmospheres.
Computer-Aided Management of Emergency Operations. A system of software applications used to plan for and respond to chemical emergencies. Developed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).
Computer-Aided Management of Emergency Operations, developed by the EPA and NOAA, is a system of software applications used widely to plan for and respond to chemical emergencies.
A Universal Match Co. trademark having portions of the often elaborate design debossed and printed with metallic ink. Most Cameos are 30-stick and some are Jewels. The name "Cameo" appears inside on many matchcovers. They were first produced in 1965 and over 7,500 varieties are known. (See Jewel).
a jewel of extreme good taste, that can be donated also to your mother, to your sister, or to your boyfriend to be inserted in his pocket-watch
an extreme jewel, because as well as very few jewels, can reflect so deeply and so precisely the taste of the owner
an intentional reference to a game series or game character in an unrelated game
an uncredited appearance
Situation, when a character briefly appears in one or two panels.
Cameo is Dusty Springfield's first LP for the ABC Dunhill Records label, recorded in 1973 and released the same year (Cameo was released on the Phillips label in the UK). It was also Springfield's only LP for the label. A planned second album with the working title of Elements (eventually titled Longing), was started, but never finished, due to Springfield's personal problems at the time.
a brief appearance of a prominent actor, as in a single scene of a motion picture
a role which an actor is not credited for
a small, unbilled role
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Cameo is a funk, R&B and dance group, best known for the 1986 hit "Word Up!". Their lead singer is Larry Blackmon.
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is a 3/15 high bulk acrylic with 2,300 yds/lb. It is used on all standard mid-gauge, and bulky machines. Cameo gives a very soft hand feeling. Machine wash / Tumble dry.
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For wearing that huge gold codpiece in your video which still makes me giggle 20years later.
Cameo is an intuitive, cross-platform, 3D animation tool which attempts to simplify the typical complexities associated with most common animation software.
A small part of a monitor's viewing area (1/16th the screen area) is called a cameo. Multiplexers create multiple analog signals from security cameras and then combine them into multiple cameos on the screen, which enables simultaneous viewing of up to sixteen different camera pictures.
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a unique object, for its beauty and elegance