Definitions for "Burnisher"
Keywords:  polish, scraper, blunt, rub, intaglio
A tool with a hard, smooth, rounded end or surface, as of steel, ivory, or agate, used in smoothing or polishing by rubbing. It has a variety of forms adapted to special uses.
Piece of polished hardened steel, either curved or straight, used to smooth rough areas of a plate. A burnisher can also be a wood or plastic rubbing implement used to print a relief block.
An intaglio tool with a wooden handle and a metal shaft that has a smooth, hard end. It can be used to flatten the roughened printing plate by pressing against it, thereby lightening a line or a tonal area. Cancellation proof. A proof that is printed after the edition and any states are signed. This proof is usually pulled from the most characteristic "key" element after the artist or printer has defaced it. When three-dimensional objects are made from a mold, the mold is destroyed after fabrication of the edition.
Keywords:  propane, rotary, gloss, brush, pads
A machine that is used to burnish the floor. These machines have a rotary pad or brush that rotates at a high speed. These machines are usually powered by battery, electric or propane. They can produce exceptional levels of gloss when used in conjunction with appropriate pads and finishes.
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One who burnishes.