Definitions for "Stamping"
Keywords:  die, emboss, foil, punch, metalworking
a) Decorative impression on leather bindings, b) Ink or blind impressions on pages or edges of an ex-library book.
Any process whereby a part is cut out of a piece of material. Stamping normally refers to cutting out rigid materials such as metals using a male/female die vs. die cutting which refers to the cutting out soft to semi-rigid materials such as paper, fabric, leather, rubber and plastics using a sharp edged cutting dies cutting onto or into a cutting surface.
Patterning on metal or plastics in relief.
The decoration of leather using a stamp and a mallet to create basketweave or other geometric designs.
The process whereby fabrics or other fiber art are decorated with rubber stamps or other objects and inks or dyes.
Process of replicating discs by injecting liquid plastic into a mould containing a stamper (injection moulding)
The process of replicating optical discs by injecting liquid plastic into a mold containing a stamper.
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v. To stamp the maker's mark into the sole. [Devlin, 1840
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Stamping/ Printing Steel
a. & n. from Stamp, v.