Definitions for "Marbling"
An intermixture of fat and lean in meat, giving it a marbled appearance.
The distribution of fat in muscle tissue.
The distribution of fat in muscular tissue; intramuscular fat.
The art or practice of variegating in color, in imitation of marble.
Distinct markings resembling the variegations of marble, as on birds and insects.
Reproductions, imitations or simulations of realistic, infinitely varied grain and appearance of natural marble, rock limestone and other decorative stone (with the exception of granite). These are created with special colors of paint, colored stain or scumble glaze and specialized tools including artist's, softening, marbling brushes, feathers, other bristle brushes, and combs. This effect seldom replicates very specific stones, instead are representations of the many varieties of marble. The layered look of the natural marble is comes from the repeated cycles of heating and cooling under pressures of nature. The veins generally run somewhat parallel although some diamond effects are common. Marbling is normally at least three coats. The base coat(s) sets the foundation. The next coat(s) generally implies the texture, and then the veins are added in a semi-transparent or opaque coat, darker than the base coat. The edges are then often feathered and softened. The topcoat(s) are generally clear, pigment-free coat(s) to protect the artistic effect.
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A special effect glazing technique which makes a substrate look like marble.