Definitions for "Shortening"
Keywords:  lard, margarine, butter, crisco, frying
That which renders pastry short or friable, as butter, lard, etc.
is a solid white fat made from hydrogenated vegetable oil. Sometimes known as Crisco, which is a brand name of shortening. Butter or margarine can be substituted for shortening but your end product will have a more buttery flavor. There is also a butter flavor Crisco
A type of fat used in baking or frying. The name comes from the ability to tenderize or "shorten" baked products.
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act of decreasing in length; "the dress needs shortening"
The amount of decrease in overall length that occurs when a blind threaded insert is installed. It is typically slightly less than the free counterbore length minus two times the wall thickness. Inserts shorten more when installed in min grip than when installed near max grip, as a result, the installed height on the blind side of the panel is essentially constant, regardless of grip.
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The act of making or becoming short or shorter.
The process during which a body of rock or a region of crust becomes shorter.
Term used in describing displacement of fracture fragments. The bone appears shortened as a result of overlap of the fracture fragments or due to impaction at the fracture site