Definitions for "Mary Sue"
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Mary Sues are original female characters that are poorly masked portrayals of the author. They tend to fall into two categories: The super-amazing Mary Sue with mad talent/skills/powers whom all the characters love and worship, or the tortured depressed Mary Sue whom all the characters must save. In either case, Mary Sues are always drop-dead gorgeous and perfect. In slash fics, Mary Sues typically play the role of love doctor or matchmaker. In AFI fics, perhaps a more suitable term for a Mary Sue would be Raven Deathwinter or something equally ridiculous.
A story involving the regular cast with a new character who's better at everything than anyone in the show. This new character usually looks and sounds a lot like the author of the fic. The form is generally frowned upon.
Perfect female character - pretty, strong, clever… etc. If used incorrectly, can be intensely annoying. May also have a "mysterious" past, be a relative(long lost or otherwise)/new love interest/person who gets other people together or a variation thereof. Generally the story revolves around this individual, not around the more canon characters.
a girl who has magical powers, is amazingly beautiful, and can out do the boys in every way possible
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