Definitions for "Carving"
A piece of decorative work cut in stone, wood, or other material.
The whole body of decorative sculpture of any kind or epoch, or in any material; as, the Italian carving of the 15th century.
Putting the board on edge and completing a turn with no skidding. Tracks in the snow left by a carved turn are very thin and cut deep into the snow.
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The removal of glass from the surface of an object by means of hand-held tools.
the removal of stock by chiseling; often done with a cape chisel
Removing excess molten glass off of the working piece.
Handheld carving tools are used to accentuate details of hooked, tufted and hand knotted rugs, or to create a 3-D effect on solid color rugs.
The process of shearing around a design or symbol to enhance the look of the rug. This is commonly done in some Chinese and Tibetan rugs.
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See Opal Carving.
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The act or art of one who carves.
the act or art of a person who carves
creating figures or designs in three dimensions