Definitions for "Dolls House"
Keywords:  critical, scathing, henrik, nora, ibsen
a bold version of a play that forever redefined the role of women in society
a classic play and there's been some criticism in recent years that the mainstream theatre has veered towards those classic plays, safe plays
a critical document will be on your screen as soon as you pay with
a realistic stage drama in three acts
a thrilling drama
Keywords:  playwriting, landmark, modern
a landmark in modern playwriting
Keywords:  enlish, masterpiece, lit, read, book
a book that should be read by all women, but should also be read by men
a masterpiece I read this book not knowing what to expect (my partner is studying Enlish Lit' with the Open University and it is on her reading list)
Keywords:  dialectic, reality
a dialectic reality
Keywords:  achievement, exceptional
an exceptional achievement
Keywords:  influenced, moving, image, work
a moving image work influenced by