Definitions for "dungeon"
A close, dark prison, commonly, under ground, as if the lower apartments of the donjon or keep of a castle, these being used as prisons.
An underground cell, or group of cells, used for imprisonment. RCHME. There is no evidence that Clifford's Tower had an underground dungeon, the gatehouse may have been used to house prisoners.
the main tower within the walls of a medieval castle or fortress
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generic term used to describe a play area. Dungeons can be permanant or temporary, with fixed, portable, or no equipment.
Place where S&M play usually takes place. Cam also be referred to as the "Playroom".
A room set up for SM play equipped with hardware, toys, slings, whipping posts, St Andrews Cross, etc.
Dungeon were a melodic power metal/thrash metal band based in Sydney, Australia.
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a huge commitment, and I will not do pickup groups in RE when I want to relax and have a beer on a Friday night
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To shut up in a dungeon.
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