Definitions for "ATB"
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All Terrain Bike; i.e. mountain bike, or MTB.
All-Terrain Bike or Biking. A synonym for MTB or Mountain Bike.
(all-terrain bike) a mountain bike.
All Trunks Busy. The state of a trunk group when all trunks are in use. The trunk group cannot accept any new inbound or outbound calls in this state. The ICR tracks the amount of time during which all trunks in a trunk group are busy. You can view this information in real-time or historical reports.
All Trunks Busy. Condition in which all trunks in a group are engaged.
See All Trunks Busy.
Automated Ticket and Boarding Pass. An accountable traffic document - computer printed, rather than hand-written.
Automated ticket/boarding pass. An electronically generated ticket which also includes the boarding pass.
Automated Ticketing and Boarding Pass.  (CUTE Workstation Peripheral). Serial port connected device that prints tickets and boarding passes.  It can also read and encode the magnetic stripe on the back of tickets and boarding passes.
Alternate Top Bevel. Tooth configuration where the top bevel alternates from right to left. Top bevel can range from 10° to 20°. Used for crosscutting hardwood and soft wood, and general purpose cutting.
America's Talent Bank. A nationwide database of electronic resumes that can be searched electronically by employers.
Aged Trial Balance. All open accounts for a particular time period. An ATB for 0 to 90 days would be a listing of accounts that are open and have existed for up to 90 days after a patient's hospital discharge.
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anti two block
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All the best
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Ability to Benefit