Definitions for "Grasshopper"
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A mixed alcoholic beverage containing crème de menthe, light cream, and sometimes crème de cacao. The name comes from its light green color.
a cocktail made of creme de menthe and cream (sometimes with creme de cacao)
a type of cocktail
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Any jumping, orthopterous insect, of the families Acrididæ and Locustidæ, having large hind legs adapted for leaping, and chewing mouth parts. The species and genera are very numerous and some are very destructive to crops. The former family includes the Western grasshopper or locust (Caloptenus spretus), noted for the great extent of its ravages in the region beyond the Mississippi. In the Eastern United States the red-legged (Caloptenus femurrubrum and C. atlanis) are closely related species, but their ravages are less important. They are closely related to the migratory locusts of the Old World. See Locust.
An antipersonnel mine that jumps from the ground to body height when activated, and explodes, hurling metal fragments over a wide area.
The Paisley Team's nickname for the man who jumped into Decker and Amelia's car in Las Vegas. He had first chased them on a motorcycle, but when Decker sideswiped it, he leapt from the motorcycle onto the roof of their car. When Decker stopped suddenly, he flew off, but landed on his feet, chased down their car, shot out the back window, and leapt into it while they were driving away. After a brief conversation, he opened and jumped out, disappearing into the night.
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Grasshopper (Chinese: 草蜢) is a Hong Kong Cantopop band formed in 1985. The band consists of three people: Edmond So Chi Wai, Calvin Choy Yat Chi and Remus Choy Yat Kit. They first saw fame when they entered New Talent Singing Awards in 1985.
The Grasshopper is the name of two humorous Marvel Comics superheros. Neither Grasshopper to date has survived past the issue they first appeared in. Both Grasshoppers are clearly a simultaneous homage to and satire of stereotypical superheroes and Marvel's tendency towards animal-themed characters.
Grasshopper is a novel by Barbara Vine, pseudonym of author Ruth Rendell, first published in 2000.
The grazing incidence Brown-Lien-Pruett grating monochromator.
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In ordinary square or upright pianos of London make, the escapement lever or jack, so made that it can be taken out and replaced with the key; -- called also the hopper.
A grasshopper suggests significant news received via the grapevine.
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A light pocket hit that knocks down a lot of pins.