Definitions for "Grapevine"
process by which information is passed within an organization without the benefit of formal lines of communication, usually established over time by the formation of friendships and alliances
An informal communication channel used to transmit information or rumors from one person to another.
gossip spread by spoken communication; "the news of their affair was spread by word of mouth"
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A vine or climbing shrub, of the genus Vitis, having small green flowers and lobed leaves, and bearing the fruit called grapes.
A three step pattern (usually) used to move sideways across the dance floor. The pattern is characterized by the grapevine like path the feet trace on the dance floor. The step is performed by stepping to one side, leading with the foot on the side of the direction of travel, followed by crossing the opposite foot behind the lead foot, followed by bringing the lead foot back to a normal position. If the pattern is continued, then the opposite foot is crossed in front of the lead foot. In dance steps, the direction of travel is called with the term, example GRAPEVINE LEFT. Also called by VINE.
A combination of alternating sideward crossing or forward and backward steps.
A hold in which a wrestler wraps a leg around one of the opponent's legs, often preparatory to a throw.
A move in which a wrestler uses his legs to turn his opponent; also called the cross-body ride.
Grapevine, created by David Frankel, premiered on June 15, 1992 on CBS. There were three regular characters: David (Jonathan Penner), Susan (Lynn Clark), and Thumper (Steven Eckholdt). David owned a restaurant in Miami, while his girlfriend Susan worked for a cruise line, and his brother Thumper was a sportscaster.
Grapevine provides a graphical interface for installing, configuring, and running games using Transgaming's Cedega .
Grapevine was a disk magazine for the Commodore Amiga published by the demo scene group LSD. The first eight issues each came on a single floppy disk, but as the magazine became more popular and more articles were submitted by its readers, it required two to three disks per issue after that point. The editor of Grapevine was known as Parasite, later Pazza/LSD, the magazine was originally coded by Monty Python, and then re-coded with a mouse driven interface later in the series by Shagratt.
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Grapevine is an internet service provider based in Canberra, Australia. The organisation is jointly owned by Actew AGL, the main utility company in the region, and Trans ACT, a local provider of subscription TV, fixed and mobile telephony and broadband network services. Grapevine provides dial-up and broadband ISP services.
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a long and tangled thing
a monthly publication that is also referred to as "The International Journal of Alcoholics Anonymous
an effective tool for members of the professional community who are working with recovering alcoholics