Definitions for "Information highway"
A term used when discussing information networks of the future which will likely carry video and audio as well as computer data. (Tele, Gr. 4)
analogous comparison of a communications network to a travel-way; an internet or intranet that moves information traffic the way a road moves vehicular traffic. The invention of the Web kicked off use of the term. Any site selector worth his salt today knows how to travel an information highway to places of interest in order to gather location data. The Web's Information Superhighway makes it possible for locations to present their promotional information online. definition of information contact defined definition of data contacts defined definition types of information resources defined types of data suppliers defined
the entire collection of channels and means by which marketers communicate with their audiences; the complete set of routes the marketer uses to carry its message to its target audience. Truly a super-highway linked by interconnected paths.
a physical system of pathways and connections that consists of copper wire, fiber optic cable, coaxial cable, microwave line-of-sight signals, satellite linkages, and other wireless technologies
The combined total of all fiber optic and electronic systems devoted to moving information in whatever form between producing and using parties. The Internet is one component.
all the changes in computing, new information technologies and systems, and related products affecting society and economy. Page 308
a term developed as a way of describing the joining together of once-separate telephone and television technologies and computing systems into a single global network of networks.