Definitions for "Information superhighway"
The ultimate interaction of computer networks. An evolving communications medium which links the entire world through video, sound, and digital communications. The Internet is also known as the Information Superhighway.
The "information superhighway" is now another paraphrase of the Internet.
A Clinton/Gore administration plan to deregulate communication services beginning with 1994 legislation. It will integrate concepts from Internet, CATV, telephone, business, entertainment, information providers, education, etc. The potential impact to businesses, schools, homes and society as a whole are significant. CATV will be allowed to provide telephone and videoconferencing services. Phone companies will be allowed to provide movies and information services. Aggressive companies could be major winners in the next few years. The potential is only limited by our imagination and creativity. The rate of change sparked by the Information Superhighway may be faster than anything the telecommunications industry has ever experienced before.
A high-speed digital transmission system capable of providing high-speed connectivity to homes, schools, and offices.
This term refers to the idea of a connected telephone network that has the capability of heavy data transmission.
network of networks', combining a range of computer and telecommunications networks and services. The ability, through appropriate technology, to link individual libraries, schools and homes with the high-speed broadband networks will make available a new range of information and multimedia services.
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The buzzword in popular use for the World Wide Web.