Definitions for "yat"
Keywords:  dvoyno, slavonic, jat, caron, bulgarian
Yat or Jat (, ) is the thirty-second letter of the old Cyrillic alphabet and name of the sound represented by it. Its name in Old Church Slavonic is yět’ or yat’ (ıать), in Bulgarian yat (ят) or e dvoyno (е двойно, double e), in Russian and Ukrainian yat’ (ять), in Serbian yat (jat, јат, Croatian spelling jat). In the common scientific Latin transliteration for old Slavic languages, the letter is represented by e with caron: (taken from Czech alphabet).
Yat refers to a unique dialect of English spoken in New Orleans, Louisiana. The term also refers to those people who speak with a Yat accent. The name comes from the common use amongst said people of the greeting, "Where y'at?"
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