Definitions for "Orleans"
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a city on the Loire river in north central France; site of the siege of Orleans by the English (1428-1429)
a long siege by the English was relieved by Joan of Arc in 1429
a city in central France; it is just south of Paris.
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Orleans is a classic American Pop/Rock band best known for its hits Dance With Me (1975), Still the One (1976) and Love Takes Time (1979). Orleans was formed in Woodstock, NY February 1972 by John Hall, Larry Hoppen and Wells Kelly. The group expanded to include Larry’s younger brother, Lance Hoppen, in November of that year.
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A cloth made of worsted and cotton, -- used for wearing apparel.
A dress cloth of worsted and cotton that are alternated on the surface.
A Superior Match Co. trademark for matchcovers that had a waxy surface coating, spattered in a random manner over the entire surface of the matchcover. (See Filigree).
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Orleans was a short lived drama that aired on CBS from January 9, 1997 through April 11, 1997. It ran for only 8 episodes.
a town located in Barnstable County, Massachusetts
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A variety of the plum. See under Plum.