Definitions for "Chantilly"
Served or prepared with whipped cream.
This is a name for sweetened whipped cream flavored with vanilla. The term may also be used to describe sauces that have had whipped cream folded into them. This includes both sweet and savory sauces.
usually crème chantilly: a flavored or sweetened whipped cream
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Town and holiday resort in Picardy, northern France. The French army's Grand Quartier Général (GQG), it was the site of the Allied conference in December 1915 at which an agreement for a major Anglo-French offensive on the River Somme in 1916 was made.
a delicate silk, linen or synthetic lace having a six-sided mesh ground and a floral or scrolled design; named for the area in France where it originated
lace: A delicate ornamental lace usually in black or white with an outlined design pattern. Typically floral, these designs are common in wedding gowns.
an unincorporated area located in Fairfax County, Virginia