Definitions for "BSP "
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BSP is one of the best node builders for Doom. A node builder is a tool that creates the data structures necessary for Doom to render a level.
BSP is the de facto standard node builder for the classic 3D shoot'em'up Doom.
Is Binary Space Partitioning or a Binary Space Partition Tree.
Bahujan Samaj Party
Bahujan Samajwadi Party
Bulgarian Socialist Party
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BASIC SCIENCES PROGRAM. The BSP is a program within DAIDS that focuses on the fields of pathogenesis, basic virology, immunobiology, pathobiology, and the discovery of novel therapeutic approaches, efficacy evaluation in lentivirus animal models, and epidemiology.
Bulk Synchronous Models
Business Systems Planning. IBM methodology (announced in 1970) for analyzing the structure/clustering of business activities. Uses the top-down approach. An enhanced version of BSP was used as the basic modeling technique for IBM’s ill-fated Repository.
Behaviour Support Plan
Billing and Settlement Plans
short for Battery Savings Plan. A pre-purchase system that ensures you are supplied with the freshest batteries at the lowest price.
broadband service provider
biller service provider. An institution that acts as an intermediary between the biller and the consumer for the exchange of electronic bill payment information.
Bill Service Provider. An agent of the biller that provides an electronic bill presentment and payment service for the biller.
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Board Support Package (set of software drivers for peripherals used on a development board) Industry
(Board Support Package) A software code interface that manages the CPU board on which an RTOS runs; that is, the part that handles the hardware such as Ethernet, serial, etc.
See Board Support Package.
A measurement of thread pitch and count.
British Standard Pipe thread size
British Standards Pipe Thread. A thread form common on pipe fittings.
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Breast Screening Programme. At its simplest, a breast screening programme is an assessment clinic with one or more associated screening units. Formally, a breast screening programme is a group of screening units and assessment clinics such that (1) screening units all share the same clinical protocols, (2) the assessment clinics share the same clinical lead and (3) the group shares the same MDT meetings (see NHSBSP 52). Breast screening programmes are sometimes referred to as local breast screening programmes to distinguish them from their coordinating body, the NHS breast screening programme (NHSBSP).
Basic State Pension. Payroll software should handle form P14, which is used for adding to one's state pension over one's lifetime.
An emerging breed of software developer which rents its services to vertical industries such as banking or airlines.
Bell System Practices; detailed procedures written by Bell System companies to cover nearly every phase of the business.
A standard or procedure specified by the Bell System.
Business service provider.
Business-Sponsored Promotion/Single Company Promotions
An ASP that also provides outsourcing of business processes such as payment processing, sales order processing and application development