Definitions for "CSG"
Constructive Solid Geometry (a.k.a. CSG ) this is a more semantically accurate term for BSP (Binary Space Partitioning). The term CSG refers to the geometry created with the builder brush. For more on CSG, see that BspBrushesTutorial document.
The method of constructing complex objects by performing Boolean operations.
Constructive Solid Geometry. Process of building new a 3D model from the from the subtraction, intersection, or union of two or more models in a scene.
Combat Support Group
Client Services Group
Consumer Strategy Group
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Chuckle Snicker Grin
Centre Spatial Guyanais - Guiana Space Centre also known as Europe's Spaceport
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Competitive Strategic Grant
Consumer Support Grant. Provides monthly cash grants to children and adults with mental retardation or a related condition who are living at home. CSG is an alternative for individuals and families who are currently receiving services under the following state programs: Medical Assistance home care such as Personal Care Attendant (PCA) services, private duty nursing and/or the Family Support Grant (FSG).
Any phone company that offers standard telephone services in an area must meet a certain maximum time frame for connecting standard service, repairing faults and attending customer appointments DAC Depreciated actual cost
part obligatory social charges (Supplementary contribution in aid of the underprivileged)
Capsules, soft gelatin SSP Steam sterilization process
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Citrix Secure Gateway
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Casing OAL Overall length
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Coal seam gas. Natural gas contained within coal seams.
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Council of State Governments