Definitions for "ARG"
Amphibious Ready Group
Amphibious Readiness Group
Arby s Restaurant Group
Keywords:  skolem, reify, ind, var, logical
A role used for the positional arguments of a logical atom (Atom), i.e. any of the following: Ind, Data, Var, Skolem or Reify. Attributes: (required)(See: term module)
Annual Review of Gas Utilities Iowa Code ยง 476.6(15) requires a periodic evaluation of the reasonableness and prudence of public utilities' natural gas procurement and contracting practices. When the Board initiates an evaluation, the utility must file a detailed 12-month plan and a three-year natural gas procurement plan. These contested case proceedings are called ARGs.
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Internet jargon that shows frustration.
Alternate Relationship Geometries
Alternate Reality Games
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Argo Investment Limited
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A function argument.
Keywords:  single, refers
Refers to a single argument.
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