Definitions for "Level of detail"
The level of detail visible in an object reduces with distance. In a virtual world, Level of Detail operations involve, for example, replacing a detailed object with a less detailed version at a set distance from a viewpoint or vice versa. Detailed surface textures may also be replaced by less detailed textures. Polygonal modellers are used to produce optimised versions of objects and textures which can be used in LOD operations.
A method for lowering the total number of polygons describing a scene. Say there is an object that is described by 500 polygons. Up close you want to see then all, but at a distance maybe 5 will suffice.
The scope of a study, particularly regarding the amount of data collected, the specificity of analyses, and the level of documentation required. Level of detail is an important factor in the quality of a study, the overall study costs, and the length of time needed to perform study work.
Reduces depth of volumetric effects, especially when player is near. Reduces particle counts, especially when player is inside the particle system.
policy expression of content of plan schedule s and report in accordance with the scale of the breakdown of information. [D00926] PMK87