Definitions for "Logrolling"
A combining or mutual agreement in which one politician supports or assists another in consideration of receiving assistance in return; wheeling and dealing; -- sometimes used of a disreputable mode of accomplishing political schemes or ends.
cooperative effort of multiple legislators to bind together a series of personal projects and push them through the legislative process.
Occurs when congressional representatives trade votes, agreeing to help each other get certain pieces of legislation passed.
rotating a log rapidly in the water (as a competitive sport)
Logrolling, or birling, is a sport that originated in the lumberjack tradition of the northeastern United States and Canada. After bringing their logs downriver, the lumberjacks would have a competition to see who could balance on a log the longest while it is still rolling in the river.
The act or process of rolling logs from the place where they were felled to the stream which floats them to the sawmill or to market. In this labor neighboring camps of loggers combine to assist each other in turn.
a technique used to turn a client whose body must at all times be kept in straight alignment (like a log)