Definitions for "Color map"
Keywords:  cad, rgb, map, deviations, greplay
A ``color map'' consists of a set of cells defining color values. The color map associated with a window is used to display the contents of the window; each pixel value indexes the color map to produce RGB values that drive the guns of a monitor. Depending on hardware limitations, one or more color maps may be installed at one time such that windows associated with those maps display with true colors.
Same as color table.
a table that is used to translate the original colors in graphics output to different colors when replaying graphics output using the GREPLAY procedure. The table is contained in a catalog entry.
a list of colors referenced by an image using an index color model
a list of colors which are not used directly, but are indirectly selected by either the Draw Image or the Set Color opcodes
a simple and effective way to interpret variation between two parts