Definitions for "Color space"
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Model for the description of colors by means of measurable values. Some of these models are device-specific, for example the RGB color space for monitors (light colors) or the CMYK color space for printers (process colors), while others are based on mathematical models and thus device-independent, for example the CIE. A color space is a three or four-dimensional theoretical model. Colors can be shown by their red, green and blue content (RGB), by hue, saturation and brightness (HSB color space), or by their cyan, magenta, yellow and black content (CMYK).
A three-dimensional representation of the colors that can be produced by a color model. The universe of colors a color model can produce.
a set of colors determined by the color model and the reference values of the space. The reference values serve to establish an ''imprint' of the parameters' values in the visible spectrum; for example, reference values of the RGB color space institute the meaning of red, green, and blue plus the white point requirement. The number of possible colors in a color space depends on the color depth (pixel depth, i.e. the number of bits available for each parameter of the model used).
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See gamut
a range of colors in the visible spectrum, and is synonymous with color profiles as used in color management
() The parts of the visible spectrum which can be reproduced in a given medium.
a specific way of representing colors as tuples of numbers, typically as
a way of representing colors and how they relate to one another
a mathematical representation of our visual perceptions
a method by which we can specify, create and visualise color
a collection of numbers, describing a lot of colors
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The number of colors that can be produced based on the ability of the out put device and the media that is used.
a combination of color primaries and white point
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a way of coding a color using several color components
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See color order system.