Definitions for "Colour Space"
Keywords:  srgb, rgb, gamut, hue, dimensional
The parts of the visible spectrum which can be reproduced in a given medium. (i.e. RGB for computer monitors, CMYK for print, web safe index colours for the world wide web)
Digital cameras use known colour profiles to generate their images. The most common is sRGB or AdobeRGB and this information along with the camera and exposure data is stored in Exif header of the JPEG file. This colour space information ensures that graphic programs and printers have a reference to the colour profile the camera used at the time of exposure. see ICC Profile for more information.
A representation of a device in which each colour is described as a point in space by a tristimulus value. Each individual device effectively has its own colour space.
Keywords:  gray, pixel, able, scales, assigned
The number of bits used to define a pixel, and defines the number of colour or gray scales able to be assigned to each pixel.
a means of uniquely specifying a colour
a method by which we can specify, create and visualise colour