Definitions for "Color scheme"
A set of colors and fills for the parts of a slide
The default colors assigned to basic aspects of a presentation such as text, background, and fill color.
a collection of colors mapped to a set of terminal display attributes
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a palette of colors used through out a room or house
The palette or colors used in a work.
Scanners read bar codes by using red light to recognize the contrast between the bars and spaces of the symbol. Colors that will scan effectively need to be chosen. Black bars against a white background are the safest choice, but other combinations will also work.
a planned combination of colors; "the color scheme for this room was determined by an interior decorator"
a combination of colors in which the elements of a presentation appear
a collection of such color settings for all application windows
a set of colors that you can apply to your Windows environment
A selection of colors that the user sees when using Windows. These colors make up the display of applications, dialog boxes, etc.
A group of colors used together to create visual harmony in a space.
Plan for organizing color.
a plan or program of the colors to be used in any given piece
a plan or program of the colors to be used in your graphic design Come up with custom four colour products by simply outlining a design
a selection of colors you want to incorporate in your design to enhance its message.