Definitions for "Lookup"
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Famous last words heard by many a stall sitter.
an operation that determines whether one or more of a set of items has a specified property; as, they wrote a program to do a table lookup.
In computing, lookup usually refers to searching the internal and specially crafted database for an item that satisfies some specified property. For example, variable lookup performed by a (scripting) language interpreter, virtual machine or other similar engine usually consists of performing certain actions to dynamically find correspondence between variable identifier and actual variable internal representation, usually involving symbol table lookup. Symbol table lookup can be performed either during run-time (interpreter or scripting engine), or during compile time (compiler).
Lookup is an integrated search interface with electronic dictionaries for the Emacs text editor. You can use various kinds of dictionaries, such as CD-ROM books and online dictionaries, in an efficient and effective manner.
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a simple, single-level reference structure with no parent/child relationships
a single query with a discrete value on a single index
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To find an entry in a file using a value for one of its fields.
A collection of values used in conjunction with lookup “Fields”. A “Lookup” item is automatically created when a “Lookup” Issue or Defect field is created.
an application designed to be used via the World Wide Web by students to view information relating to their academic progression through the University.
a request for a specific object or set of objects, specified by a unique identifier(s)
a request to have a person do a very specific bit of research for you
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Looking up an IP address from its name in DNS. See also reverse lookup.
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The looking up of a service provided by the remote object in a name service.