Definitions for "CIE"
An international lighting forum that has produced a series of universally recognized symbols for lighting plots.
Commission International de l'Eclairage. The (International Commission on Illumination). Developer of color-matching systems.
An international organization that has developed and defined a number of generally used color definitions. The best known of these is the CIE Lab color space, which was defined in 1976.
Criminele Inlichtingen Eenheid
Conselho Internacional de Enfermeiras
Counter immunoelectrophoresis
Commonwealth Institute of Entomology (Panama)
Certified Indoor Environmentalist
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An automated consumer transaction that allows consumers to originate an ACH bill payment through their financial institution or a third party bill payment service.
Customer Initiated Entry. These are ACH entries initiated by a consumer through direct contact with an originator such as a bill payment system
The Centre for Indigenous Education provides support and assistance for indigenous students on campus. It assists students with course selection, tutorials, accommodation, study, personal support, community networking, cross-cultural development and referral.
Companion of the Most Eminent Order of the Indian Empire
Common Information Environment (now Strategic e-Content Alliance)
Commercial Information Exchange
Commercial Information Exchanges
Common Intellectual Experience
Community Integrated Employment