Definitions for "Tutorials"
A series of step-by-step instructions in the use of PTWin32 designed to familiarize new users with the functions of the program. The tutorials can be found in the Learning sections of the manual or the on-line help file.
A lesson, or series of lessons, that are intended to develop a skill that users can immediately use. The lessons are taken asynchronously; that is, all of the learning content is available online. Learners can take it at their convenience.
Step-by-step instructions using real examples showing users how to use an application. 2.36
Most students will have one or two Tutorials each week and will probably have been asked to write an essay. The golden rule is always to go to these and be properly prepared.
A method of small group teaching, usually involving 1 or 2 students and an academic tutor.
Students studying a subject are frequently divided into groups for small group interactions in which students discuss subject matter in-depth, or receive personalised assistance from their tutor. Some subjects will also include seminars and/or laboratory work.