Definitions for "MDT"
Mean death time. The time taken for a minimal lethal dose of Newcastle disease virus to kill chicken embryos.
Mountain Daylight Time -- The time in Boulder, Colorado, where LASP is. (Except in winter when it's MST -- Mountain Standard Time).
Maximum Dive Time. The length of time that may be spent at a given depth without being required to make a mandatory decompression stop. Also referred to as No-Stop Time and Non-Decompression Time.
Multi-Disciplinary Team.
obile ata erminal. The capabilities of MDTs in use around upstate New York vary. The simplest systems receive messages and dispatch information and can be used to send status reports and other information back to the dispatcher. More sophisticated networks allow police officers to file reports from their cars and provide two-way graphical communications for such purposes as checking fingerprints, broadcasting photos of missing or wanted persons, and sending maps of particular locations. MDT radio systems can be as simple as a single frequency or as complex as a multi-channel trunked network.
Multidisciplinary Team
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Sondex Downhole Tractor
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ini rift ube
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Miami-Dade Transit s
minidriver development tool. An application that simplifies the development of Unidrv minidrivers. For more information, see Microsoft Minidriver Development Tool.
Manual Data Technician
Modified Data Tag. A MDT in a 3270 data stream indicates whether the data field has been modified.
"All patients with a diagnosis of breast cancer are reviewed at the MDT meeting at regular intervals along the care pathway. Diagnosis and management decisions made during the MDT meeting are documented at the time of discussion and are communicated to the patient at their next out patient visit. Data generated from the MDT meeting are recorded by the data clerk on the Breast Unit database. General Practitioners are informed of a patients cancer diagnosis by the Consultant via telephone or faxed letter on the day the patient is seen in clinic." -- Breast Service Operations Policy.
Refers to mechanically deboned turkey.
Montana Department of Transportation
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Multicast distribution tree. The path between the sender (host) and the multicast group (receiver or listener).
Acronym for Machine Direction Tensile strength. See tensile strength.
The terminal in each of the units that sends and receives information remotely from CAD.
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Medium Duty Truck
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Main Defect Table more...