Definitions for "IDM"
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Infarctus Du Myocarde
Injector Driver Module The PCM sends a Cylinder Identification and Fuel Demand Control signal to the IDM. The IDM sends a 110 volt signal to the injectors. It then grounds each injector as fuel is required for that cylinder. Fuel Pulse width is increased to deliver more fuel. The IDM sends a feedback signal to the PCM for fault detection. PID: FuelPW Fuel Pulse Width signal from PCM (milliseconds)
Massachusetts mutation. Recessive. Unlike other alleles that belong to this locus, dermal melanin is present in shanks of day-old chicks. Other alleles take more time to express. The darkest shanks are produced in conjunction with E and i+. The combination of idM, E and I produces a pale blue or green color by about three months of age.
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independent disease manager. An entity that develops and operates care management systems, usually on behalf of a healthcare provider network or insurance company, for patients with chronic conditions.
Integrated Data Modem
Interactive Data Manager; a DUA interface that is useful for maintaining a large set of data.
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Ignition Diagnostic Monitor
Sometimes called Brain-Dance, this style features extremely fast, complex rhythms in not only the percussion, but in every instrument used in the track.
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Institute of Direct Marketing