Definitions for "EPR"
Ethylene Propylene Rubber that can be acceptable for use with phosphate esters. However, it is not compatible with mineral oil. See Material Compatibility
Ethylene-propylene Copolymer Rubber. A material with good electrical insulating properties.
Ethylene Propylene Rubber. An ozone-resistant rubber consisting primarily of ethylene propylene Copolymer (EPM) or ethylene propylene diene terpolymer (EDPM).
electron paramagnetic resonance
Electronic Patient Record. A development by which all patient-related information becomes available electronically on computer, including images, reports, and text-based information.
Electronic patient record. See: Electronic medical record
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Engine pressure ratio
Exhaust backPressure Regulator, also EBP regulator Output; For quicker engine warm-up at cold temperatures. If the IAT is below 37°F (50°F some models) and the EOT is below 140°F (168° some models) the PCM sends a duty cycle signal to a solenoid which controls oil flow from the turbo pedestal. This causes a servo to close a valve at the turbo exhaust outlet. The PCM monitors the EBP input to determine if the EPR needs to be disabled to provide power for increased load, then reapplys the EPR as load demand decreases until EOT or IAT rises. PID: EPR (duty cycle), EBP (pressure)
Engineering Planning Report
East Pacific Rise. A part of the mid-ocean ridge system extending northeasterly from near New Zealand to just off the coast of Mexico. The EPR is spreading extremely rapidly and is the site of a great deal of volcanic and hydrothermal activity.
Extended Producer Responsibility. a requirement that the original producer of an item is responsible for ensuring its proper disposal.
Emergency Preparedness and Response
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tablissement Public Régional (FR, 1972)
European pressurised water reactor
European Pressurized Reactor
Popular Revolutionary Army (Ejército Popular Revolucionario)
Estate Preservation Rider. A provision that can be added to a newly issued Joint CompLife policy that provides extra protection to cover the estate taxes that would be owed if both insureds die within three years of the policy's ownership being transferred from the insureds' estate to a trust. When death occurs during this time, the proceeds are included in the gross estate. Since the extra protection is only needed for a limited period of time, the rider is designed to drop off automatically on the fourth policy anniversary.
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Enlisted Performance Report
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End Point Royalties
Environmental Performance Review
Earnings Price Ratio. A corporation's earnings per share related to its current stock price. It is used to compare the attractiveness of stocks, bonds, and money market instruments--also called "earnings yield." See: Earnings Per Share