Definitions for "Preventive care"
Health care that is intended to keep you from becoming ill; i.e., checkups, mammograms, immunizations, well-baby visits.
Comprehensive care emphasizing priorities for prevention, early detection and early treatment of conditions, generally including routine physical examination and immunizations.
An approach to health care emphasizing preventive measures such as regular check-ups, immunizations, and diagnostic tests to find and treat medical problems before they become more serious and/or expensive to take care of.
Non-interventive actions taken to prevent damage to and minimize deterioration of a museum object. Such actions include monitoring, recording, and controlling environmental agents; inspecting and recording the condition of objects; establishing an integrated pest management program; practicing proper handling, storage, exhibit, housekeeping and packing and shipping techniques; and incorporating needed information and procedures about objects in emergency operation plans. Back to text
Office visits for the evaluation and management of the member's physical development for prevention of future medical problems.