Definitions for "Time of Flight"
Keywords:  muzzle, bullet, elapsed, toc, fro
The time for an acoustic wave to travel between two points, Fro example, the time required for a pulse to travel from the transmitter to the receiver via diffraction at a discontinuity edge or along the surface of the test object.
the amount of time it takes for the bullet to reach the target from the time the round exits the rifle TOC tactical operations center TOW tube-launched, optically tracked wire-guided (missile)
The total elapsed time that a projectile requires to travel a specific distance from the muzzle.
and MRA technique relying solely on the flow of unsaturated blood into a magnetized presaturated slice. The difference between the unsaturated and presaturated spins creates a bright vascular image without the invasive use of contrast media.
method used in several types of flowmeter but usually refers to ultrasonic meters, a sound wave is sent both with and against the flow, one is accelerated and the other retarded half the difference is the velocity of the fluid stream.