Definitions for "ACI"
autologous chondrocyte implantation (same as ACT)
Autologous chondrocyte implantation (the implantation of an individual's own cartilage back into their body)
Airports Council International for Pacific Region
Air Cargo, Inc. A ground service corporation jointly owned by several U.S. scheduled airlines. In addition to its airline owners, ACI serves over 50 air freight forwarders and international air carriers as associate participants. One of ACI's major functions is to facilitate the surface movement of air freight by negotiating and supervising the performance of a nationwide series of contracts under which trucking companies provide both local pickup and delivery service at airport cities and over-the-road truck service to move air freight to and from points not directly served by the airlines. ACI publishes a directory of these trucking services, listing points served in the United States and the applicable pickup and delivery rates. Other services include claims inspection, terminal handling, telemarketing service, group purchasing )equipment, supplies, insurance) and EDI services.
Automatic Car Identification. See "Kar Trak".
Some cable networks offer this service to install TV channels automatically. With ACI all channels can be stored to memory in a predefined order. This installation method is very fast because programme search is only needed to find the ACI transmission which then takes care of the rest.
Automatic Channel Installation. If this feature is provided in your cable network, your TV can be tuned automatically, including all channel indications and labels.
Asset Condition Index. A standard benchmark in the asset management industry which is used to assess the current and projected future condition of an asset. ACI is defined as the monetary ratio of current-year required renewal repairs to asset replacement value. There are three levels of condition: Good: 0 to 5 percent; Fair: 5 to 10 percent; Poor: greater than 10 percent.
Advanced Commercial Information. A major part of the Customs Action Plan, introduces more effective risk management processes and tools to identify threats to people's health, safety, and security prior to the arrival of cargo and conveyances in Canada
Advanced Commercial Information. The Administrative Monetary Penalty System (AMPS) is a civil penalty regime that secures compliance with Customs legislation through the application of monetary penalties. AMPS largely replaces the use of seizure and forfeiture provisions for technical infractions. AMPS applies to contraventions of the Customs Act and the Customs Tariff and the regulations there under, as well as contraventions of the terms and conditions of licensing agreements and undertakings. Customs
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Automobile Club dâ€(tm)Italia
See Association Cambiste International.
Access Control Information. Specified in the X.500 specification.
access control information. Data that identifies the access rights of a group or principal. See also access control.
access control item. An attribute that determines who has what type of access to what directory data. It contains a set of rules for structural access items, which pertain to entries, and content access items, which pertain to attributes. Access to both structural and content access items may be granted to one or more users or groups.
ARB Command Interpreter. ACI is a simple programing language for calculating special species information (eg. G+C Content..) See ´ARB Command Interpreter (ACI)´.
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"hot" or "bitter"
Appraisers Choice Software. A form of computer software that allows the appraiser to commute the appraisal through the system.
American Concrete Institute
Alloy Casting Institute, U.S.A.
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Australian Chart Index