Definitions for "Macaroni"
Long slender tubes made of a paste chiefly of a wheat flour such as semolina, and used as an article of food; a form of Italian pasta.
Good quality. Bring exotic pastas from home
Most macaronis look like tubes, but can also be found as shells, twists and ribbons.
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A finical person; a fop; -- applied especially to English fops of about 1775, who affected the mannerisms and clothing of continental Europe.
Small tricorn worn perched above a high wig. Style adopted by fashion extremists of the Macaroni Club ( London, 1760 ), who were Italian-traveled young men. The term evolved from the 17c. Italian common people habit of calling the court dwarfs by the name of their favorite food, such as macaroni.
A fancy and overdressed ("dandy") style of Italian clothing widely imitated in England at the time. When Yankee Doodle stuck a feather in his cap and called himself a "Macaroni", he was proudly proclaiming himself to be a country bumpkin (an awkward and unsophisticated person), because that was how the English regarded most colonials at that time.
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A medley; something droll or extravagant.
A sort of droll or fool.
A dream of eating, cooking or serving macaroni signifies unexpected guest.
To dream of eating macaroni, denotes small losses. To see it in large quantities, denotes that you will save money by the strictest economy. For a young woman, this dream means that a stranger will enter her life.
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Material for a collage.
The designation of a body of Maryland soldiers in the Revolutionary War, distinguished by a rich uniform.
A style of chatelaine composed of a series of long chains with a watch on one end and on the other end a series of charms, such as watch keys and seals.