Definitions for "Intellectual capital"
the sum of everything the people of an organization know which can be converted into value or formalized, captured, and leveraged to produce a higher-valued asset. This is actually one of a family of terms--such as social and process capital--used to identify types of knowledge assets. View records related to this term
Intellectual Capital represents the knowledge assets of an organization in terms of data, information, and wisdom as well as the tools that augment the use of this information/knowledge. An organization's intellectual capital may be divided into three elements that can be measured and targeted for investment: human capital, structural capital, and customer capital.
The value, or potential value, of an organisation's intellectual assets (or knowledge assets). An attempt by organisations to place a financial value on their knowledge. Intellectual capital is often defined as the combination of three sub-categories: human capital, structural capital and customer capital.
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Knowledge is power AND that which gives a company value. This term identifies the knowledge of the team of a company.
Knowledge that resides within an individual or group of individuals and is not in the public domain.