Definitions for "book value"
A companys common stock equity as it appears on a balance sheet, equal to total...
The value of a financial instrument or portfolio carried on a balance sheet at the purchase price (in other words the original recorded value when purchased). This is in contrast to market value, which is an indication of how the market values the instrument or portfolio today.
The value of a corporation's equity as shown by the accounting records of the holder.
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Valeur comptable
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The purchase price, or original cost, of an investment. Canada Pension Plan (CPP) A retirement income program administered by the federal government on behalf of all Canadian provinces and territories (with the exception of Quebec), that pays monthly pensions to retirees who made contributions during their working years. The plan also pays survivor benefits to spouses and orphaned children as well as disability and death benefits.
The original purchase price of a current investment or holding. Branch-to-branch service Also known as multi-branch banking, this service allows customers to access their funds and complete financial transactions at any branch of their bank across Canada.
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