Definitions for "haircut"
In lending, the difference between the value of a loan and the value of the...
The percentage deducted from the value of a security (usually debt) to determine the maximum amount against which it can be used as collateral... more on: Haircut
With respect of an eligible currency, the percentage increase of a negative currency balance or reduction of a positive currency balance and is based on (a) the volatility of the historic foreign exchange movements in the applicable eligible currency determined by CLS Bank and (b) an add-on component.
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See Underwriter's Cutback.
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a bad introduction
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a great way to let the mind wander
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a big change but after a while you can start to like it
a big deal, as this guy will tell you
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Derogatory term for talent. "Live shot's in 60 seconds. Get the haircut in front of the camera."
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a very good idea
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the style in which hair has been cut
the act of cutting the hair
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Hazard Insurance
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a small thing