Definitions for "NAV"
Net Asset Value. The dollar value of a single mutual fund share, based on the...
Net Asset Value. Total assets of a corporation less its liabilities. Also referred to as shareholders' equity.
Net asset value. The value of a single share in a given fund, calculated by deducting the fund's total liabilities from the total assets in its portfolio and dividing this amount by the number of shares outstanding.
Short for Norton AntiVirus, which is made by Symantec Corp.
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The Australian Navigators Ltd.
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DVD-based GPS Navigation System, used in Prius
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Nav Radio
Navigation Radio
Short for Navigation. In Flight Simulator, the navigation radios (NAV1 and NAV2).
A simple term for the computer that operates starships.
Navigation. Includes uses of water for shipping, travel, or other transportation by private military, or commercial vessels.
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referring to a ship ("navicularis")
Abbreviation of the word "Navigation". Nav is the series of links by which a user moves through and around a web site.
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Navigation Receivers