Definitions for "Divestment"
In reference to eligibility for Medicaid, the disposal of resources at less than fair market value in order to qualify for benefits.
The disposal of a business or business segment.
A reduction in the amount of current investment, sometimes through the sale of assets. Français: Désinvestissement Español: Desinversión
the selling of the majority, or all, of one's shares in a corporation
Refers to the selling of the Government's stake in public sector undertakings. It is generally done to bring in private management to improve the company's performance and to add to the Government's revenue.
The elimination or removal of a right or title, usually applied to the cancellation of an estate in land. Back to the Top
One or more Shareholders of a company offering whole or part of its holding to the existing shareholders of company at a price.
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The act of divesting.