Definitions for "liquidity"
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1 Liquid Market - the degree to which market participants are willing to buy...
The liquidity of a stock is the ease with which the market can absorb volume buying or selling, without dramatic fluctuation in price.
How quickly an investment can be turned into cash. Stock ownership, for example, is usually a very liquid investment, because you can redeem your shares at any time. On the other hand, a house is a very illiquid investment.
For purposes of discussing eligible collateral for a Portfolio CreditLine or Express Credit, liquidity refers to how quickly the collateral could be sold in an orderly fashion in the event of a maintenance call.
Health care centers that stress preventive health care, early diagnosis, and treatment on an outpatient basis. An organized system of health care delivery and financing that provides a broad range of services to a voluntarily enrolled group for a fixed and periodic payment. The HMO participant pays a flat annual premium and is entitled to medical check-ups and routine health care, plus major medical coverage.
how well a company can meet its financial obligations.
the availability of sufficient resources to meet payments and obligations needs.
The extent to which a company can meet its immediate payment obligations.
See: Capital Available for Investment.
A term that refers to how quickly you can gain access to money that you invest or deposit in some kind of savings instrument.
Amount of money, or capital, that is circulating in the economy and available for investment.
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The capacity of a firm to pay its short-term debts from internal operations.
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The state or quality of being liquid.
The availability of buyers and sellers in a company's stock.
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Listed Security
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