Definitions for "Trademarks"
A distinctive symbol, slogan, logo, mark, emblem, stamp or device attached to or accompanying an article to indicate that it is manufactured, selected or sold by a particular person or company. Can be registered• Intellectual Property
a particular name or picture associated with a good or service
A device (word, name, image) that identifies the origin or ownership of merchandise to which it is applied. Trademarks are legally reserved to the exclusive use of the owner of the trademark.
A number of trademarks are mentioned here. Following are some of the trademarks owned by Ericsson: AXE® Bluetooth BusinessPhone(tm) , Consono®, EriEye® Eripax®, Eripower®, Giraffe®, MacroDens®, Make Yourself Heard(tm) , MD110®, Mini-Link(tm) OneBox(tm), Telecool