Definitions for "human capital"
The set of skills which an employee acquires on the job, through training and...
One of a number of 'capital assets', and one that sometimes refers to "the capabilities or capacities, both innate and derived or accumulated, embodied in the working-age population that allow it to work productively with other forms of capital to sustain economic production" ( Government of Canada 2001). A broader understanding of the term includes those aged younger than the legal working age and those retired from work because they make significant contributions to economic life, as well as to social and economic endeavours for sustainability.
Knowledge and skills acquired by a worker through education and experience and used to produce goods and services.
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Business of biopharmaceuticals
Capabilities of the individuals required to provide solutions customers. [Thomas A. Stewart
the capabilities of the individuals required to provide solutions to customers. ()
The unique capabilities and expertise of individuals.
See human resources.
The value of a company's human resources. Such valuations do not fall within the scope of generally accepted accounting principles and, accordingly, are not reflected on the financial statements.
the human resources used in the economy
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The present value of current and future labour income.
is the collective power of human assets available to the organization.