Definitions for "Fromage frais"
Keywords:  frais, curd, cheese, fresh, dessert
färskost (även för getostar) fromage frais/soft white cheese
A fresh, low-fat curd cheese made from pasteurised cow's milk which can be used in cooking or in desserts.
This term means fresh cheese. It is not a certain kind of cheese, but a name given to a number of very young fresh cheeses. There are quite a number of French fromage frais. Few of these cheeses reach the United States, as they are too fragile and perishable. The two that are imported by the U.S. are Gervais, which is a double cream shipped in two ounce packages and Petit Suisse, also a double cream which must be frozen before it is shipped because of its very fragile nature. Otherwise you have to go to France to sample these somewhat sourer than our American sour cream cheeses. Many of them are served with more cream and sugar as a dessert. Fresh Neufchatel is the French version of our cream cheese. The difference here is the addition of gum arabic, a preservative, in the American version. In general, fresh cheeses from France are made to be eaten rather quickly and are just made with soured cream.