Definitions for "Paneer"
Keywords:  cheese, whey, curds, lemon, cubes
Homemade Cheese In a large pan, pour in 2-4 pints of full fat milk. Bring to the boil and switch off heat. Add juice of a lemon and stir. The milk should separate into curds and whey. Allow to separate for a few minutes. Now drain out the whey via colander lined with muslin. You can throw the whey away or use it as a cooking stock. For making chhana, collect the four corners of the muslin and hang up the curds to drain thoroughly over night. For Paneer, squeeze the curds to release as much of the whey as possible. Wrap up the curds and put them on a board (chopping board), making a flat (about 1 inch or 2.5 cm) cake of them. Fill a large pan with water and place on top of the curds and leave for one hour. By this time the curds will have formed a solid mass of cheese. This can be cut into cubes and used in your recipe. It is now possible to buy Paneer in some supermarkets.
home-made Indian cheese
Cheese made from bottled milk which can be fried and curried (matter paneer).